Transformational Leadership

Helping to establish a leadership culture that develops techniques for overcoming business issues, enabling the team to progress from transactional to transformational management of themselves and their teams.

CASE STUDY > P&O Ferries

The Issue:

Over 50% of the staff within the company work in On Board services, who are responsible for all customer facing activities on board the vessels. working an intense rota in difficult trading and weather conditions and in many cases undertaking their duties in a very hierarchical, traditional, maritime manner, reliant upon departmental heads to make all the key decisions, resolve issues etc which was not business efficient.

The Solution:

A full review of capability and competence was undertaken on a 1:1 basis and a full training and development programme was put in place to meet the needs of each individual, which was a mix of in house training using skilled staff members as course leaders through to formal external training, the range was from basic food hygiene to MBA sponsorship.

The impact improved staff retention to 96%, staff training increased to 4,000 man days per annun, sales margins improved by 5%, sales penetration improved by 4% and the staff attitude survey fully accepted the need for a higher level of personal accountability and fully endorsed the principle of leading by example.